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I am a 58 years old straight single man living in Poughkeepsie, New York

I am looking for women who get their best orgasms from recieving oral sex.

I am retired from a career in law enforcement. I am going to travel and experience all the life that is out there for as long as I can. In my younger single days I had many relationships with women and learned that my most erotic moments were making my woman have as many orgasms as I could. My absolute favorite is by giving oral sex. Many women who allowed me that privilege told me I was the best they had experienced.I'm not one dimensional in bed however, I love intercourse, massages and for some reason a good handjob is my favorite way to cum. I am not searching for women younger than me although if the attraction was mutual that would be OK. So I think a good age range for me would be 45-65. I've never had a one night stand so there has to be some attraction between us, but at this point in life if the attraction turned out to be purely sexual, that too would be OK. If we were to meet, I would reserve a nice hotel room near you. That way reduces the chance of embarrasing episodes at either of our homes, you would be free to come and go as you liked.(pun intended). Plus I find hotels exciting with a new woman. I am or will have exited a long term relation ship and there has been no sex for literally years, so watch out! I'm gonna feel like an 18 year old virgin!

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